Aim for the gutter - you can't miss

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I've been trying to upload some new private photos to my AW gallery as promised but the site has been playing the fool since yesterday, it's sooooo slow. But I promise I will do it by the end of the week, patience permitting :)

I'm sitting here with a glass of red and a handful of tortilla chips, got an hour or so to waste as my 1.30 cancelled. Poor me, all dressed up and no one to play with.....I might just have to surf porn! In fact.......

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bah bloody humbug today! First of all, I would ban fireworks. My poor dog has spent the last three nights behind the sofa with his tail between his legs. That's when he hasn't been running up and down the back of the sofa barking giving me earache. Mind you, there has definitely been fewer bangs than last year, have you noticed that? Maybe firework night will fade out in favour of the quaint transatlantic tradition of going round in gangs, demanding favours and throwing eggs at old peoples houses eh? Yep that's right, I'd ban halloween too.

And and and......on Saturday evening driving back from the local garage I saw my first christmas tree, displayed in some sad gits porch. On November the 3rd!!! Arrgghh.....if I were Queen I'd ban all mention of, advertising of and displays relating to, Christmas till December 1st. Three weeks is plenty enough time to think about the two days of excess that skints everyone for the complete first half of next year. Oh I'm getting old! Have you seen Grumpy Old Women on the telly? That's me that is......

But here's something you might be interested in - I'm going through the thousands of photographs I have on my PC of me in varying states of undress. I thought I would upload some of the less salicious ones to my Adultwork private gallery. What do you mean, you want the salicious ones! Oh all right then.....I'll pick the dirtiest ones I can :) Don't forget you get the password if you make a booking with me! Oh and all through November I am doing a special one hour fee of just £130. We all have to save our pennies for the dreaded festive season innit? Tut.....

Here's one to start you off........have a lovely Monday! xx

Friday, November 02, 2007

Hey didn't I tell you I was really bad at keeping a blog going? Can't believe the last one was in September though! Oooh hang on the toast has just popped.......

Lovely, Hovis wholemeal with real butter, mmmm. Anyway, what to blog about today? I'm going to start exchanging blog links with a few other good time gals I know and am starting today with the gorgeous Penny of Horsham. So have a peek at that when you get a chance, she's a lovely lady. What else??........

Oh yeah, I had a somewhat major emergency with my beloved pooch last week. I'd given him a ham bone as a treat and it gave him a bowel blockage, poor thing. He had such major constipation that he also developed colitis and was really quite poorly. I was so worried about him, the little fella is the light of my life and such a cheery companion to me. It was horrid to see him just laying in his bed with no energy, looking up at me with those puppy eyes imploring me help him. Anyway, a rectal push of supercanine strenth accompanied by childbirth type encouraging cheers from me, saw the offending piece of poo finally expelled after 3 painful days. A course of antibiotics has got him right back on the road to recovery, though is he a bit skinny now! Oh and I bet that story about dog bowel movements has you got reet horny now innit?! Ha ha.....

This little gem cracked me up this week.....hope you enjoy it too. Mwah!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swimming lessons, yes......found some private ones near me for £62 an hour! How hard can it be to learn to swim? Anyone want to teach me? I'm a bad tempered pupil though, I warn ya! :)

Had a wonderful fetish session this week, something that was a new one on me! All perfectly harmless and vanilla though before you lot start thinking I am getting into nasty stuff....a big hello and thanks to Richard if you are reading this. Other shouts go out (ooeerr hark at her getting all urban!)to Gary and Nick and of course my lovely Carl. Now there's a guy who knows his fetishes lol.

I'm just off to peruse this site for a new suspender belt as I have had some gorgeous new stockings delivered. Whale nets. No jokes please....I'll post a pic of me wearing them on here next week maybe?

Happy Sunday xx

Monday, September 10, 2007

Morning :)

A very autumn-like Monday morning indeed, I am at this very moment looking at the leaves falling from the trees which I can see from the side window. Gardens eh, who'd have em? As soon as the bloody grass stops needing a mow every day, you have to then get out there with the garden vacumn and start hoovering up leaves. And don't even mention the pond. Anyone know how to stop lillies from seeding themselves? Tsk...

I spent a lovely day in Bath last week with some dear friends of mine. It is such a beautiful city. The sun was out and everyone was in such a good mood! My friend is a member of an exclusive spa type establishment and she signed us in there for a few hours of pampering and relaxing. Which is all well and good except dear reader, I have never learnt to swim! But I've discovered I do quite like being in the water and came back with renewed enthusiasim for taking swimming lessons. So watch this space....

This week I am at home pretty much all week taking incalls so if you'd like to see me please do ring early as I am getting booked up really quickly!

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Thanks to Hannah for reminding me that this week would have been Freddie Mercury's 61th birthday! I wonder if he would have still been rocking out? I suspect he would too. We could all do with occasionally taking a leaf out of his book and sucking life dry. Not all the time though cos living at his high standards of hedonism would kill most normal people.....innit :)

And of course very sad news today about the passing of the world's greatest living singer, Pavorotti. I love to listen to opera and though I can't claim to know much about it, I know what makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I remember once having some Maria Callas playing in the background during an appointment. In the middle of our post coital chat, my guy pipes up with "What on earth's this awful racket?"

Callas, one of the greatest singers to ever live, singing La Boheme, an awful racket????

No accounting for taste I guess. But hey, I'm always open to suggestions as to the music to put on, so please do tell me your taste or even bring something with you for us to listen to. I put some Led Zep on the other day after a gent suggested he was a rocker! Music is my passion in life, I could talk about it all day.

Again, this week has been stupidly busy so sorry to anyone who hasn't been able to get through on the phone or get the booking they wanted. I promise to spread myself more thinly next week :)

I did a fantastic photo shoot this week with a sexy model friend of mine called Jewel. She's a lushious curvy minx who does this....thing....when she gets excited.....suffice to say my bed had a large wet patch still! I'll be putting some of our girly -love photos on my private gallery very soon. And look out for all new photos on my regular web site coming next week too. Here's a sample to wet your appetite.....

Stay sexy xxxxx

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ahh told you I was bad at keeping this up! Apologies for the scant amount of postings. But things have EXPLODED recently. No not my waistline. Although come to think of not really lol. I mean booking requests have risen drastically after a fairly sedate August. My poor vibrator is frazzled.

A few hellos - to Mark from today. Keep headbanging! For my lovely Steve this week - I am doing the American road trip soon :) And to a smashing new John this week - ground floor room with a level walk to the beach, that's the ticket. Not Eastbourne though! I went and booked the one on the side of a mountain. I can feel my back going now.....

A couple of new things to report, there are some quite naughty photos and video clips of me featured on a new gallery on AW, the link is HERE
Plus the gorgeous Hannah and I have decided it's been far too long since we toured London so we are finalising dates very soon, probably in early October, so if you're on my mailing list look out for that soon.

I am off to the seaside for a few days tomorrow then seeing friends for lunch in Bath on Monday, so see you next Tuesday. Didn't that used to be a playground insult?

Stay horny
Coral xx